Admix for Allsteel

Designed for collaboration, Admix tables seamlessly adapt to evolving workplace needs. They offer an array of designs and configuration options to accommodate a variety of workspaces.

Admix tables are available in four heights allowing surfaces to layer over one another to adapt to any size group. The tables are light in appearance to enhance visual appeal and have footrests for support, so users can comfortably work together in various postures.

The V-Media Table was developed to promote an equitable hybrid experience by providing easy sight lines to all participants both remote and in-person. The table shape flattens hierarchies and avoids singling out any one individual by removing the central “head of table” position.

Admix provides telescoping legs and a wheelbarrow feature, adding more seats to the table while allowing seamless transition between different applications. The legs go in or out to accommodate the user’s needs, and the wheelbarrow feature offers casters and glides so tables can be effortlessly rearranged.

Admix helps meetings flow smoothly by providing adjustable bases, integrated wire management and home-base accessories. With bag hooks, desk mats, and accessory trays, attendees have a place to put their belongings and identify their space during extended meetings.

Admix Satellite Tables roll-in to bring power ports wherever needed and they double as impromptu lecterns for dynamic presentation and education environments.

Hierarchy free full-round table tops and standing height communal tables promote collaboration amongst a diverse, creative and resilient workforce.